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Ty Debauchee's
Naked Gay Eros

College Seniors

HOTTER than ever sexual exploits will have you rifling through the pages of the books in the Naked Gay Eros Series.

Ty's senior year in college is a tumultuous one. Ty and Xander's relationship has been on again off again since nearly the beginning, but they need each other if they are to have any chance of saving Garrett from his captors.

Xander is Hollywood handsome with a stunning physique, an eye for Ty, and a hidden desire to spend his life with Ty! But will they manage to overcome the challenges which continually tear their relationship apart?

This Naked Gay Eros Series is a sizzling HAWT installment in the Naked Gay Tales of Ty Debauchee's book saga! Can you read just one? DOUBTFUL!!

Picture of Ty

Ty Debauchee


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Intrepid Rescue
November 1, 2023
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Naked Gay Eros #501

Intrepid Rescue